Our History

Who we are!

Broke n Free was born by accident after Tyronne and Luca were asked to play at the Durban Blues Festival at the end of noverber 2017. After playing the show the band then disbanded leaving Tyronne and Luca with out a Blues band to play in. As Tyronne knew nothing about the intricasies of playing the Blues decided that it was a parabolic learning curve he had to persue. The hunt for new members was soon underway and the search began. The first meetings that took place was with an old friend who played lead guitar and a harp player name Mac. The meeting ended up being rather fruitful and so the only person missing was a drummer. After advertising on the usual social media platforms we found a fine drummer who was keen to make some noise.

As most bands have the usual teething problems so did we, the current combination seemed to be uncertain as to what we wanted and so a few changes were imment to say the least. After several months of trial and tribulation the band finally settled down into its current format and the decision was made to change the name from JABB (Just another blues band) to Broke n Free which is primarily a blues rock band.

As life always seems to get in the way we were burdened with the news that one of the founding members had applied for a job in Korea and that it had now come to fruition, and so the search to replace him was put into action, as luck would have it we had to try and replace Luca but it would take two people to achieve that and in so doing we stumbled across our current vocalist in the form of Leon and Waldo being the new guitarist. This has opened new doors for the band and broadened our horizons.